Professional Teaching Jobs in Korea: Know These Things before Applying

For many reasons, South Korea has managed to remain a famous terminus for foreign English teachers. Vacancies are available in public and private K-12 schools, language institutes, as well as universities. You can follow several routes to secure ESL Teacher Jobs:

  • The government-sponsored EPIK program
  • A private recruiter
  • External job sites like ours

Qualifications vary by job. However, in general, you should be a native English teacher with a bachelor's degree. Moreover, you need to have a clear background check to teach in South Korea. Of course, documentation is vital in the job process! Ensure that you have all the original diplomas and transcripts and have copies of everything.

Qualifications You Need To Have To Teach In South Korea

The most straightforward answer to most qualification questions in the context of teaching in South Korea is, "It depends." Based on the city, the age of the pupils, and the kind of school you wish to team with, the qualifications differ enormously. However, there are a few boxes you need to check off across the board.

What Is Required When Applying For Professional Teaching Jobs in Korea ?

You Need To Be A Native English Speaker From An Approved Country

You must be a native English speaker from an identified English-speaking nation to teach in Korea. Yes, you read it correctly. In order to seek a professional job in Korea, you need to be fluent in English.

Bachelor's Degree

To teach English in South Korea legally, you need to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institute.

Clear Criminal Record Check

In Korea, you may be hard-pressed to search for a job if you have any charges or convictions since a clean national-level criminal record check is needed to acquire an E-2 teaching visa. DUIs and misdemeanors may disqualify you, but don't bother about traffic violations.

What May Be Sometimes Required ?

Teaching Certification

While not all professional teaching jobs in Korea need a teaching certification, most do. A TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification with 100 or more class hours is equally acceptable. A range of private academy jobs doesn't pay heed to where the accreditation is from or whether it's done online. However, specific public school jobs may need you to have certain "live hours" in a physical classroom.

What Can Be Your Nice-To-Haves When It Comes To Acquiring Teacher Job ?

Master's Degree In Relevant Field

While not essential, if you have a master's degree in Education, TESOL, Linguistics, or a related field, you will be able to qualify for high-paying university vacancies.

Some Korean Skills

Knowing some Korean before you arrive, particularly if you aren't going via EPIK (English Program in Korea), is going to make your life abroad dramatically easier. Even that will be of great help if you learn to sound out hangul letters.

Further, numerous schools will ask you to speak only English in the classroom. But, sometimes, children will not be able to respond to English commands. If you know some Korean, you can make the class go more smoothly.

The Final Touch!

When seeking any professional job, you need to be handy with some of the critical skills as well as the proper documents. You may find various ESL Teacher jobs, but they may not be as per your expectations, maybe! With ESL Asia, you can rest assured that you will get a job that matches your profile and area of expertise. Earn handsomely with us today!