University ESL lecture required in Sept 2022.

Location: changsha .
School type: university.
Subject: academic English (4 skills).
Start date: sept, 2022.
Workload: no more than 24 teaching periods per week.
Salary package: 20000 RMB per month before tax.
Holiday pay: one month pay for winter holiday and one month pay for summer holiday visa application fee reimbursement 8000 RMB travel bonus at end of the contract free apartment.
Requirement: teaching qualification certificate at least 2 years working experience currently in China.

Looking for English teacher for university


-Location: Shao’xing, Zhejiang province
-Start time: Sep.1st
-Salary: 15-18K before tax
-Free accommodation
-16-20 class hours per week
-No office hour
-Course: English
-Commercial insurance
Requirements: -Native English speakers/ -Have teaching visa -In China -Bachelor degree or above -Under 60 years old

Job description

-City: Jining city, Shandong province
-School type: international school
-Subject to teach:math
-Weekly working days: 5 days
-Students age:14-16
-Starting date:new semester
-Requirement for the teacher
-Teaching Experience:1-2 years
-Basic Salary:19-25k
-accommodation/housing allowance: yes
-flight allowance: yes

-Hiring native English teachers out of China

-School type: KG
-Salary: negotiable
-House allowance: 2k
-Start time: September
-Paid all for quarantion and 10k for flights!

We are currently recruiting teachers for the new semester starting in August/September. We work with 200+ schools across the Guangdong province.
We offer a safe, legal and secure way to get in to China and to find a decent job at a fully licensed school. We are able to offer PU letters to candidates who meet the requirements. Our services are free.
Salaries: 20000RMB
School types: Kindergartens (mostly); primary/middle/high schools
- Very safe channel to China with ongoing support
- Contract completion bonus
- Flight ticket support for candidates
- Quarantine paid for by us
- On site training
- Native English speakers
- Degree or above

20K per month home tutoring

Nanshan District
Grade 2 girl, international school
Mon-Fri ,6-9PM
All subjects
Native speaker with international school teaching experience preferred

Kindergarten in Futian shenzhen

Offer 25-30k
Winter vacation pay: 60% of monthly salary
Provide health insurance and visa application

Positions in Zhengzhou (PU letter available)

Middle school(IB MYP) , primary school(IB PYP) and kindergartens(Some of them are IB PYP) in Henan province, China.
Office hours:5hours per week

We provide:

Housing or 2000 allowance provided.
Less than 25 hours working time per week
Flight reimbursement 8000 Per year.
Health Insurance & Daily meals.

ASAP. English teacher needed in Lanxi ;zhuji city, zhejiang Province

Teaching time:25hours per week
Office hours:5hours per week
Working Days per week : 6
Students age :6-8yearsr
Class size: 10-15


Bachelor Degree
Native teacher Clear accent
More than 2 years Good Teaching experience
Could start work as soon as possible


Salary :18000一23000per month
Free Accommodation or house allowance
Paid Holidays
Work Visa

Looking for Japanese teacher for university

Location: Shaoxing, Zhejiang province
Salary: up to 15k rmb before tax
Free accommodation
20 class hours per month
No office hour
Commercial insurance


Hold a Japanese passport
Teaching visa
To start asap
Accept teacher outside China with full vaccination

Job Description

School information
City:Nanjing, Jiangsu
School type:Training Center
Subject to teach:English
Weekly working days:5
Weekly working hours:40
Weekly teaching hours:25
Students age:3-18
Class size:10
Starting date:as soon as possible
Requirement for the teacher
Age:24 - 50
Nationality:English Speaking Nation
Teaching Experience:Package
Basic Salary: 25-30K (depends on experience)
Flight Allowance:yes
Utility:paid extra
Holidays:2 weeks
Anything else:-

Job Description

School information
City: Jining city, Shandong province
School type: international school
Subject to teach:English, Economic, math
Weekly working days: 5 days
Students age:15-18
Starting date:august
Requirement for the teacher
Teaching Experience:1-2 years
Basic Salary:17-19k
Accommodation/Housing Allowance: yes
Flight allowance: yes
Free meals

Job Description

School information
City: Qingyang City, Gansu Province
Type of school: Public High school
Subjects taught: English
Weekdays: Monday to Friday
Weekly working hours: 15 hours
Weekly teaching time: 25 hours
Student age: 15-18 years old
Class size: 45 students
Start date: as soon as possible
Teacher Requirements
Age: 25-40
Gender: female
Nationality: None
Teaching experience
Apartment: Yes
Flight allowance: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Utilities: Holidays: Summer and winter holiday
Other matters

Job Description

School information
School type:Kindergarten
Subject to teach:English
Weekly working days:5days(Mon-Fri)
Weekly working hours:(7.5h/day)
Weekly teaching hours:(2.5h/day)
Students age:2-7
Class size:20students
Starting date:April
Teacher Requirements
Age:Less than 45 years old
Nationality: Engish as mother language
Teaching Experience:more than 2 years
Basic Salary:20000(including visa,insurance,ticket)
Apartment:2000house allowance
Insurance:School commercial insurance
Holidays:winter&summer vocation allowance
Anything else

Job Description

School information
City:Nanjing, Jiangsu
School type:Training Center
Subject to teach:English
Weekly working days:5
Weekly working hours:40
Weekly teaching hours:25
Students age:3-18
Class size:10
Starting date:as soon as possible
Teacher Requirements
Age:24 - 50
Nationality:English Speaking Nation
Teaching Experience
Basic Salary: 25000 (depends on experience)
Flight Allowance:Yes
Utility: paid extra
Holidays:2 weeks
Anything else